The bachelor’s degree is the first degree earned for an undergraduate course in any Higher Institution. In Germany most courses lasts an average of 6 semesters. It can also last longer depending on how each individual balances work and other life commitments. In other to apply for any given course in Germany, every applicant must satisfy the criteria set by the admission office of the respective universities.

The following are required for application for an undergraduate degree:

1. Certificates: Your secondary school leaving certificate (WAEC, SSCE) with a minimum grade of “C” is required for admission. If you apply to a university in Germany while studying in a university, it is also possible for you to apply directly, as you may not start from scratch. But it still depends on the university you are applying to.

2. Course Requirement: While some courses are offered in English, some other courses require German proficiency. This can be absorbed in any recognized German language Institute (Goethe Institute) before matriculation. After the language course, it will be required of you to attend the “Studienkolleg” here in Germany. Its duration is for one year (1 yr.) and at the end, you will be required to sit for the final exam called the “Feststellungsprüfung”. After successful completion of this phase, a recognized body called “Uni-assist’’ will further help process your admission into any suitable university.

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3. Embassy Requirement for Visa Processing

  • Original Admission letter.
  • Valid international passport and 2 color passport photos with a white background.
  • Birth certificate and Age declaration certificate.
  • Original School Leaving Certificates of Secondary School, original WAEC certificate.
  • Proof of previous academic studies / professional training, if applicable.
  • Proof of financial means for one year (7,908€ in a blocked German bank account or official German declaration of sponsorship (“Verpflichtungserklärun’’) for one year given before a German authority.
  • Proof of knowledge of the German language, if required for the course.
  • A “WAEC-direct access card“ (scratch card to access WAEC results online).

Please note that there could be further requirements from the embassy in processing your visa and we make no claim that what is stated here, represents the final criteria of the German embassy.

You should make inquiries in good time, in order to meet up with other admission requirement if there is need.

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