Finding accommodation in Germany is not a difficult task, but it is better to start looking for accommodation as early as possible before you arrive Germany and this you can do easily via the Internet anywhere you are. However, the cost of accommodation makes up a large part of your expenses greatly depends on the size of the room or apartment and it varies from city to city.

In most Institutions, an organization called (das Studentenwerk) provides social, financial and cultural support services to students. This organization also runs some accommodation facilities and can help you in searching for accommodation, in case you haven’t found one. A temporary arrangement for accommodation can be made for you in a student or Youth Hostel where you can stay until you can find a suitable accommodation. This option might be a little expensive. Please note that the cheapest rooms and apartments are mostly found in student residences.

Another alternative for you to find accommodation is by living a shared apartment (Wohngemeinschaft, WG). It is the most popular form of accommodation amongst students. This is usually run and administered by the tenants. All tenants share a common kitchen and bathroom as well as the rent.

If you would prefer to live on your own, you might start with a small apartment. There are a lot of vacancies on the Internet and in the local newspapers. Some apartments may either be furnished or unfurnished and this also affects the cost.

Here are some helpful websites for student hostels: