There are several organizations in Germany that offer scholarships to students within and outside Germany. There is however, no general that strictly applies to all these organizations. The criteria are set by the respective organizations. We advise that you look through their websites for further information regarding application procedure and deadlines. Below is a link that offers scholarships to students from bachelor up to PhD level.

Working & Studying in Germany

a. Am I allowed to work while studying in Germany?

  • Yes – as a full time student, you are allowed to work part-time for 120 days (240 half days) in a year.
  • A working permit is included in the first residence permit received in Germany (on the expiration of your visa from Nigeria).

b. How can I find a student part-time job?

  • There are a lot of student job vacancies during semester and holiday periods posted on Universities’ publishing boards on campus.
  • Other good sources are regional job portals, newspapers and magazines.


c.  Must I hold a good command of German Language in order to have for a part time job?

  • This depends on the nature of the job in question. However you stand a better chance if you understand and speak the language.


d.  Where can I get help or assistance when looking for internships and professional Jobs?

  • All universities in Germany have an international office, where support and assistance of all kind are rendered to international students.
  • Most universities have career services / career centers to advice and guide students in their chosen field.
  • The student union (Studentenwerk) in your city is also a good source for help.
  • The “Bundesagentur für Arbeit’’ is also another option to finding a job.  They have their offices located in every city in Germany.