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I pleaded for accommodation assistance from wonderful Nigerians in this forum. I am happy and honored to testify that this group rocks. Through people like Ola Dunni and Adeniji Olasunkanmi Milanista, I felt the spirit of brotherly love that we all need to move our country and the whole world to the next level.
Desmond Arinze
PhD student, TU-Freiberg
Movement from the airport to the school on arrival in Germany and where to sleep on the first day was very easy thanks to Oreoluwa Afolayan through NiSIG Cottbus who arranged for my pick up, accommodation and catered for me. NiSIG is truly a good umbrella to bring everyone together and foster unity.
Tobi Akinyemi
Masters student BTU, Cottbus
Back in 2015 one of my best friends left Nigeria for Germany. We both started the application process but she saw it to the end. Months down the line she wasn't 'fresh off the boat' anymore. Abiton advised me to come and study in Germany, - "it's an experience " she told me. I sent out my applications and decided to study in Bonn, but I had to stop in Hamburg first. Abiton took me around and helped me get a feel of the place, we both got lost navigating the transport system, she hooked me up with a wonderful winter wardrobe and connected me with other Nigerians through NISIG.
Lotana J. Nwosu
Masters student Universität Bonn