IMG-7515On the 26th September 2017, the NiSIG-Hamburg chapter had an informative session on the Topic: “Workplace culture and attitude: A comparison of Nigeria and Germany” at the Hamburg University of Technology. The guest speakers were Mrs. Christine Dreschel and Mr. Adeyemi Ademuyiwa. Mrs. Dreschel is the CEO of Benedicta International Trading GmbH which deals majorly on chemicals and gas products. She has well over 20years of business experience with Nigeria. Mr. Ademuyiwa studied Wirtschaftinformatik in Germany and worked for NCR for 10 years. He is presently working as an IT specialist at Edeka and has lived in Germany for over 26 years. The discussion was moderated by Dayo Sadiku.

Amongst other factors was the boss-employee relationship also considered for comparison. It was well established that while the German employees find it easy to criticize and ask question, the majority of the Nigerians  find it difficult doing this, due the prevailing child upbringing in Africa also applicable to Nigeria. The discussion line drifted at some point into the discussion on german as a factor of integration in Germany as well as getting a Job. Several questions were asked and the guest speakers duly provided clear and understandable answers to them. In the end, all participants felt well informed and look forward to another symposium with other interesting topics.