The NiSIG e.V Royal wedding took place on the 21st of August ,2021 in Lagos;Nigeria between two prominent members of the Association. (Miss Precious Ephraim and Mr Emeka Okoli)
Miss Precious Ephraim who is the current National General Secretary of NiSIG e.V got
married to her best friend Mr. Emeka Okoli who is equally an active member of our beloved association on this above mentioned date.

Indisputably, these wonderful NiSIG assets have shown beyond reasonable doubt that true love can be found, nursed and gold-coated in a foreign land.

The bride who is not only the National General Scetary of NiSIG e.V but also a pivotal member of the National Secretariat of the Association is known for her straightforward personality and firmness in addressing issues that relate to the Association and has displayed a good sense of patriotism in the course of this administration.

Mr Emmanuel Fadipe who is the National President of the association (2019 till date) was interviewed by The Synergy journalism arm of NiSIG e.V to give his view on the personalities of the two individuals

“ Precious is not only a part of the National Secretariat but one of my best friends in the association. We don’t relate only on official matters but we share a great bond of friendship which make our administrative functions to be easier. Alongside with the National Vice President of Association -Miss Amaka Elema, we have always attributed the praises given to this administration to the passionate and tireless dedication of our beloved members.
Precious is energetic, purpose driven, firm on the ground of honesty and supportive to fight the course of justice.
Sometimes when I have to abandon my job to travel round Germany to rescue some unpleasant situations affecting our scholars, Precious and Amaka would volunteer to go with me. They both endured the sometimes rigorous and challenging moments in a bid for ease and comfort of our members who we duly owe our loyalty and commitment at all times. In the heat of the struggle, Precious will NEVER give up.
The times I travelled alone, I never felt her absence in the struggle. She called all the time and attended all emergency meeting I called. She is also a very close friend to Miss Amaka Elema- inseparable twins like I often call them.
And for Mr Emeka Okoli, he is a supportive husband. Only a lion can have a walk with a lioness. He stood by Miss Precious a lot and called me times without number to promise me that Miss Precious will go with me on some of the official duties of NiSIG. This made us very close friends. Obviously his life style is a lesson to all men. The position of your woman (in any capacity) should never make you feel less in any way. Rather, supporting her build your brawl of kingship to become a Lion in the cave and the LORD of the jungle.

‘I believe NiSIG members will not stop attending the social/educative/ impactful events of NiSIG e.V. There’s always a ‘meet and greet’ session. In one of the events, Emeka greeted Precious and they met as friends. Today they are now life time lovers.

The colorful wedding was graced with the attendance of great personalities all around the world. The celebration of love which lasted till late evening will give a lasting memory in the hearts of all attendees. It was spiced with cultural dance, entertaining acts ,comedy and endless beautiful moments with different local and international delicacies served.

The Synergy went further to ask the National President if he will be willing to allow the couple have a befitting honey moon break and allow Miss Precious go on break for a while.

Trust me Precious deserves a long term break. We have all worked at our best and she deserves not only a break but a deserving honeymoon vacation(hopefully someday our Association will be able to do this). I spoke with my Vice President yesterday and we will officially write her in this regard in the coming days. However we both don’t trust her acceptance to it. Now that’s our fear.
She’s aware of some other projects we are working on and will want to be involved too. I can only promise I won’t let her travel with me on official duties anymore.
The break? I ll beg her to take one.
The Lion is the lord above all. I ll beg him to speak to his lioness in this regard. (Laughs)

The Synergy is impressed with the mutual respect among our National Executives which has reflected on the personality of our members. Every response from the National President have proven this. It will be a sad moment watching these close friends and patriotic leaders leave office soonest but we believe that their legacy will live forever.

We will continue to build an Association devoid of tribalism and build our nation with bricks of peace and reinforced beams of justice.

Long live NiSIG e.V