As a means of providing lasting solutions to the challenges encountered by members of our prestigious association, Nigerian Scholars in Germany (NiSIG e.V) and Nigerians in Germany in general, the National Executives of NiSIG e.V under the leadership of Mr. Emmanuel Fadipe (National Vice President (2018/2019 and National President 2019/2020- till date) have been working tirelessly with the Nigerian Embassies in Germany (both in Berlin and in Frankfurt).

On the 19th of August,2021 again, the National President of NiSIG e.V in the person of Mr. Emmanuel Fadipe visited the Consulate General’s office of the Nigerian Embassy in Frankfurt to discuss some vital issues challenging the good welfare of members of the Association. Prior to this visit, the National secretariat of the Association met with the leaders of the different cardinals of the Association to discuss the challenges facing our scholars all around the nooks and crannies of Germany.

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The meeting commenced at exactly 3:45 pm. The active participation of the Consul General himself and the entire staff members made the scheduled meeting, a productive one. The Consul General in the person of His Excellency, Ambassador Wahab Adekola Akande addressed all issues raised and left no stone unturned as both parties looked into providing lasting solutions to these challenges for the benefit of all and sundry.

1.​Miss Jennifer’s legal vindication The Consul General saluted the courage, passion, proactiveness, empathy, and Professionalism exhibited by the National Executives of the Association in ensuring that all criminal charges against Miss Jennifer were dropped and her innocence proven after a session of relentless efforts, perseverance and determination never to give up. The Consul General who had been briefed on this development earlier also commended every member of the Association for the unity and empathy shown in the course of the struggle. He added that our Motherland Nigeria is blessed with great minds who rise up to defend any fallen member and ensure that an injury to one is an injury to all, “Definitely the future of Nigeria is secured” He added.

The National President who recognized both the unquantifiable efforts of NiSIG e.V members, chapter/zonal coordinators, sister Associations, and the help of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin in making the long journey easier was motivated by the gestures of the Consul General who resumed office three months ago. The National President also asked for action to be taken to ease the affairs of members of the association to ensure that every Nigerian in Germany can boast of the backing of the Nigerian Government in trying times. The Consular General in response to this promised to prioritize the defense of every member of the association and the Nigerian society at large (as long as they remain good Ambassadors of our beloved nation and are not guilty of any allegation) To prove his readiness to fulfill his made promise, he created an office called “student help desk” which will be made active soonest. A staff member will be in charge of this office and the only responsibility will be to attend to the difficulties of students and combat such problems with immediate effect. The proof to verify the studentship of these students will be discussed with the Embassies(both in Berlin and Frankfurt) soonest. The membership certificate of our members alongside the enrollment certificate at the respective institutions will serve as valid documents to verify the studentship status/ association membership and the required assistance will be provided without hesitation. We will update our members on the development in this regard from time to time. In conclusion, the National President brought to the notice of the consulate General; the creation of a legal arm of the association known as NiSIG legal Practitioners’ initiative (NLPI) whose duty is to guide all members of the association on the laws of the land and to offer legal assistance to the members free of charge. He explained that the group of legal practitioners have helped hundreds of scholars over the last 12 months of existence and were actively involved in Miss Jennifer’s case alongside the private lawyer employed by the association.

​2.​Passport issuance. The National President extensively discussed the difficulties experienced by our scholars in obtaining their passports. He explained that this hardship affects the scholars’ frame of mind and leaves them unsettled in the midst of their academic and sustenance strives. He emphasized that the workload on the Embassy in Berlin in issuing new passports seems too heavy and most of our scholars have to travel to Austria, Belgium, and other European countries to get their Passport issuance at the respective Nigerian Embassies. The need to also get a renewed residence permit which cannot be achieved with an expired passport affects the grades of our scholars who have to abandon their practicals and studies to travel for days for passport collection.# The Consul General who understood the situation beforehand appreciated the understanding of the National Executives on this issue and encouraged the National Executives to take up this issue with the National President. the subject matter. In providing a lasting solution to this, he had ordered a printer and sent delegates to Nigeria to perfect this move and put in place the capturing device in the Nigerian Embassy in Frankfurt (as this case had been communicated to him before our visit). With this, passport issuance will now be done in Frankfurt soonest, and modalities in this regard will be communicated to us soon. He also reaffirmed his stand that the representative of the Embassy handling the ‘student affairs desk’ will be involved in dealing with all issues relating to students and also implored all our members to engage in mutual respect which is the secret of peaceful coexistence and effective responsibility discharge. With this, the issue of passport, paper scarcity, and no passport issuance appointment will stop as both embassies will share this responsibility, going forward.

3.​Academic aids and self/career Development assistance The National president also requested the help of the Embassy in facilitating the quick integration of our scholars into the German system and assisting them academically in providing paid internships and other academic/career opportunities. He explained the difficulty of easily adapting to the system in a developed country and implored the Embassy to kindly do more in making the journey of our scholars an easy one. The Consul General (His Excellency Ambassador Wahab Adekola Akande) in his response promised to look into this. He stated that he spoke with his team before our visit and he will take action on this immediately. He acknowledged the need for the Embassy to provide a good environment of adaptation, integration, and career exploration for the scholars which will in return bring glory to our nation Nigeria. He pledged to make this a principal duty and will do all in his might to achieve this. He also added that internship opportunities will now be made available to our scholars and they will be prioritized as expected. He equally made it known that the merits of acceptance for such internship positions will not be compromised and the team will not be biased in the selection process. He equally discussed the need for career development strategies to be implemented by the Embassy and agreed to channel his efforts in achieving this to the interest of our Association members. With this, integration, career fulfillment, financial stability, and other life pleasantries are guaranteed. He also promised that letters of recommendation for job applications will be written by the Embassy for our scholars applying for jobs once recommended by the National executives to prove the authenticity of such individuals’ membership. We urge our members to always contact us at info@nisig.dewhen they need any help and we also promise to link them directly with the student help desk officer when he/she resumes duty as earlier stated.

4.​NiSIG Annual National Summit The National President humbly invited the Consul General in the person of His Excellency Ambassador Wahab Adekola Akande to the Association’s Annual National Summit as a speaker at the event. NiSIG National Summit, which is undoubtedly the biggest administrative event of the calendar year, is scheduled to be held on the 8th and 9th of October,2021. (The awareness will be efficiently handled by the summit committee group after the preparation by the National Executives is completed) The Consul General in his response appraised the idea of the National summit and promised to speak at the event as requested. He also promised to acknowledge the official invitation which will be sent to him in the coming days for official documentation as the ethics of the job demands. We humbly urge all our members to be present at this event and benefit from the great speakers who will deliver impactful sessions for the growth and development of all. (Details of this event will be communicated to us soon and speakers of great caliber will be available at this year’s edition)

5.​Visa Interview appointment dates difficulties for incoming/prospective scholars The National president discussed the challenges faced by some of the prospective scholars in terms of Visa interview appointment dates and other related challenges. Knowing fully that the scope of the Consul General’s office/administration is not directly linked to our scholars not yet in Germany, he humbly pleaded to know if any measure can be taken by him to combat these challenges and to also provide a rescue route to them. The Consul General admitted that this is not directly linked to his duty but based on his personality he will try and look into it. He also stated he will provide a communication link with the Foreign affairs to look into the situation and also to discuss with the German Embassy in Nigeria If there’s any rescue route. We hope to bring good news to our scholars soon and to put in our best in solving this issue to the best of our ability.

6.​Talent Development and collaboration opportunities among Scholars The National President discussed one of the objectives of the association which is to promote and showcase the talents among Nigerians in Germany and help to nurture these talents till Nigerians in Germany earn the peak of recognition on international platforms. He emphasized that this objective was activated last year when his team had the first edition of the interesting NiSIG Got Talents where special talents were discovered and promoted. He emphasized that regardless of the 1500 euros won by the winners and the platforms and collaborations initiated by the association on their behalf. However, he stated that the help of the Nigerian Embassy will be influential in building collaboration opportunities with international figures around the world for these NiSIG stars. This in turn will bring pride and honor to our country Nigeria. The Consul General who agreed to this stated notion appreciated the efforts of the National Executives and this current administration on the innovation ‘NiSIG Got Talent’ and urged the association to continue in this regard. He also promised to use his influence in promoting the Nigerian stars in Germany. The National Executives will document every necessary information to facilitate the commencement of this process. The Consul General equally stated that the National Executives will be carried along on National events relating to Africa and Nigeria our motherland. Through this, the Talents within the association will be promoted, helped, and supported for international relevance.

7.​NIN Registration The team that visited the Ambassador also made some clarifications about NIN, the significance, and the possibility of having it done at the Nigerian Embassy in Germany, Frankfurt for Nigerians living in cities close to this area. The Consul General in the person of His Excellency Ambassador Wahab Adekola Akande emphasized the need for all Nigerians to have this registration done as soon as possible. He also agreed to the fact that traveling to Berlin for those living close to Frankfurt will be too stressful. He then talked about the certainty of having the NIN registration done in Frankfurt to ease the affairs of our scholars.

After the fruitful and productive meeting, the Embassy hosted the visiting members of NiSIG e.V in a relaxed mood, and “item 7” was observed. The Ambassador in a final note sent his warm regards to all the members of the Association and urged the next administration to give their best in maintaining the standard of the association and preserve the virtues of this current administration. He implored all scholars to strive for excellence in academics and all areas of life. He spoke on the need for all scholars to be good Ambassadors of Nigeria and lift our nation high in Germany and beyond. NB: The National Executives of NiSIG e.V are still in touch with the Nigerian Embassy in Germany(Berlin ) and both Embassies will continually join hands in helping the association when humbly called upon by the National Secretariat of the association. We implore our members to keep us informed on any unpalatable happenings linked with their welfarism that require the urgent intervention of the higher authorities. As usual, we will discharge our duties as expected and such situations will be well handled. Thank you for your support and dedication towards the growth and development of NiSIG e.V. Long live NiSIG e.V