Welcome to the official website of the Nigerian Scholars in Germany.


The mandates for this administration, which commenced October 2017 are; to extend the reaches of NiSIG, increase the awareness, and restructure the organisation, in terms of constitutional provisions.



  • Incorporation of the previously named “Nigerian students in Berlin” into “Nigerian scholars in Germany” body
  • Official inauguration of Freiburg chapter of NiSIG
  • Formation of new chapters, and will be inaugurated soon. (Dessau , Magdeburg and Göttingen chapter)

Coordinators have been appointed and given official mandates in the following zones:

  • ZONE 1: Thüringen, Sachsen, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin and Brandenburg
  • ZONE 2: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland
  • ZONE 3: Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Bremen and Niedersachsen
  • ZONE 4: Bayern, Baden-Württemberg and Hessen

Social Media

  • The official NiSIG website has been upgraded in order to facilitate better outreach and easy accessibility to information by prospective scholars.
  • An official NiSIG Instagram account (@nisiggram) has been opened for sharing photos and videos of NiSIG events.

Conflict resolution 

  • A financial investigation of the last two administrations was carried out and the report was published.
  • Mediation and conflict resolution with the support of some founding members.


Career and self-development seminars and similar events, with top class facilitators have been organised in; Berlin, with the theme: Planning a career path in Germany.


  • The constitutional provisions are currently being reviewed
  • Consolidation of existing Chapters and further expansion to the surrounding cities (i.e. Stuttgart, Hohenheim, Tubingen to be connected and brought under a NiSIG zone)
  • Charity events are being planned for the next few months (i.e. volunteer work, and donation of relief, clothing and other items to the homeless through an official social support organisation “Hilfsverein”
  • In an innovative effort to reach out to prospective scholars in Nigeria before arrival, request was made to the German consulate to allow NiSIG to place flyers and cards at the consulates (Lagos and Abuja) at the disposal of Nigerian scholars. The request was turned down but plans are underway to strategize.
  • With the help of the Nigerian consulate in Berlin, some scholars have received support with otherwise problematic passport issues, i.e. renewal/replacement for lost passport. Agreement was made to create special appointments for scholars and avoid the delays of the usual waiting-list procedure.
  • To showcase NiSIG literary and creative writing skills, a writing competition has been publicised, with prizes to be won for the best three entries
  • More career development events are being planned.


  • Planning the annual summit in October 2018. Choosing speakers/facilitators . Securing funding for the event and recognition of the invaluable contributors to the growth of NiSIG through an award scheme
  • To arrive at/accomplish a sustainable financing avenue for NiSIG . The national executive body has been facing the challenge of financing, as membership dues are not being paid, thus limiting the extent of the reach of activities.
  • To strengthen relations between NiSIG and other diaspora organisations in Germany which are recognised by the Nigerian federal government. To garner better recognition and policy support for NiSIG and to effect measurable positive change in Nigeria.


With continued teamwork and perseverance, the NiSIG 2017/2018 executive team hopes to push for achievement of the medium and short term goals. Every member work together in unison and all the achievements of the administration are collective, with all members contributing equal and substantial amount of effort. All executive members are also actively involved in their respective chapters.


Secretary General

Victor Oyedele