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The event held in Osnabrück on the 25th of May, 2018 at 18:00hrs with the aim of inaugurating a chapter of the NiSIG (Osnabrück). Meeting had in attendance Professor Ernest Onyishi (Humboldt Fellow) from the University of Nigeria, while the NiSIG national President Ayodeji Ayansola was represented by the current NiSIG Osnabrück chapter President.


  • Introduction of attendees
  • Opening remark from the National President
  • Special talk from Professor Ernest Onyishi
  • Election and official inauguration of the chapter/Executives
  • Remark from the Chapter President

The meeting started with a total number of 7 attendees introducing themselves. Thereafter, the current NiSIG Osnabrück chapter President Obioma Chimezie Amaefule gave a brief introduction of himself, also stating aims, goals and objectives of Nigerian scholars in Germany explaining in details to everyone in attendance what NiSIG is all about and the structure.

Afterwards, the floor was quickly handed over to Professor Ernest Onyishi, who spurred everyone to remain focused in achieving the primary goal for which they are in Germany as scholars. Professor Ernest Onyishi who visited from the University of Muenster, where he is currently carrying out some research while on sabbatical, also went ahead to supervise the election of the new executive that will oversee the affairs of the new chapter.

Below are the names and portfolios of the elected executives.

  • PRESIDENT: Obioma Chimezie Amaefule
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Precious Adipere

Finally, the current NiSIG Osnabrueck chapter President, on behalf of the newly elected executives, thanked everyone who was in attendance and promised to discharge the responsibilities of the executive body efficiently, with the aim of taking the NiSIG Osnabrueck chapter forward.

The meeting ended at 20:00hrs, opening the floor to merriment and celebration of the new inaugurated NiSIG (Osnabrueck) chapter.

Below are pictures taken at the event.