The meeting held in Freiburg on the 24th of February,2018 @19:00hrs with the aim of inaugurating a chapter of the NiSIG (Freiburg). Sequel to the meeting, elections for various executive committees had already taken place. Meeting had in attendance the former President of NiSIG Samson Ajagbe, current President Ayodeji Ayansola and Oreoluwa Afolayan (PRO).


  • Introduction of attendees
  • Opening remark from the National President
  • Official inauguration of the chapter/Executives
  • Remark from the Chapter President
  • Questions / Comments


The meeting started with a total number of 26 attendees introducing themselves. Thereafter, the national president started with a brief introduction of himself, also stating aims, goals and objectives of Nigerian scholars in Germany explaining in details to everyone in attendance what NiSIG is all about, with the aim of coming together to make the association a progress. The essence of the group NiSIG according to the president is to create a home away from home, enrich the academic lives and living experiences of members, encourage invention, innovation and creativity among its members, promoting Nigeria’s image and to participate in National development amongst others. He also talked about NiSIG National summit coming up 5th & 6th October in Berlin encouraging them to organized more seminars, cultural events and hold meetings regularly. The president also talked about the center for international migration (CIM) a German established institute to aid development in Nigeria and other African countries. The institute encourages expatriates to go back to their various countries. It’s a program that grants aids to those that goes back home to settle.

The inauguration process started by calling on the already elected members, bellow are their names and portfolios.

  • PRESIDENT: Adeleye Oladiran Adeyemi
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Alfred Attah
  • SECRETARY: Emmanuel Obotu Orih
  • TREASURER: Akhere Omoataman
  • DIRECTOR OF FINANCES: Praise Osawaru
  • DIRECTOR OF SOCIALS: Edward Obioha
  • PRO: Nathaniel Horsfall.

The National president encouraged the executives to discharged their duties and humbly respect NiSIG constitution. After the inauguration, the chapter President thank the national president and his entourage. Thereafter, he further encouraged his members and highlighted various programs they have for the year. Questions, comments and contributions was welcomed thereafter. Finally, the former National President thank everyone in attendance, encouraged them to work as a team and represent Nigeria well. The meeting ended @ 21:40hrs opening the floor to merriment and celebration of the new inaugurated NiSIG (Freiburg) chapter.

Below are pictures taken at the event.