The maiden edition of the African cultural festival took place on the 30th of June, 2018 at the Main campus at the Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus- Senftenberg. Nigeria being the 3rd largest international students in Cottbus and the only students group with a recognized association by the university spearheaded the initiative of bringing other African students under one umbrella to organized the biggest international festival ever seen since the inception of the school. The main idea of this festival is the celebration of African unity and cultural diversity through seminars, food, clothing and music and also showcased the beautiful side of Africa to both our host community and the world at large. The main highlight of the event was a presentation on the topic, “Pan Africanism, a panacea for African development” by the guest speaker of the day, Mr Uche Akpulu, a renowned Pan-Africanist and a staff of German Refugee council. The speaker got his Audience which cut across staff, students and visitors of different nationalities glued to their seats in an interesting one hour lecture. He also answered different questions from audience who confessed of his impact on their wealth of knowledge and his ability to tell the African story in a manner they had never seen before. There were also other presentations from African PhD candidates and posters of their ongoing researches at the university were also displayed at this session. The ‘educative aspect’ of this event ended with a coffee break where all participants were served both Ethiopian Coffee and Moroccan tea according to their preferences.
The ‘entertainment aspect’ of this programme started after the Coffee break with a Cultural Parade with attracted standing ovation from everyone present. This parade was led by the Nigerian students in their usual fashion with their drums and the Adamma Masquerade which was the major centre of attraction. Both Africans and non-Africans participated in this session
dancing to the melodious sound of the Nigerian drummers as different drumming sounds and Masquerade dance were displayed in a fashionable manner around the campus. This part was closely followed by the unveiling and display of different delicacies from the participating African countries. Students and other visitors were privileged to taste something different and delicious at the same time. Local delicacies from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Tunisia were served at affordable rate to everyone present. The Nigerian side also served Chilled Zobo drinks as the only drink of this festival. There were also a red carpet photo-shoot and Calligraphy at this session.

The next session which was the major session of this event was the ‘Cultural night’. The session kicked off with the African union anthem which signifies our unity as Africans. The Opening remark was given by the Chairman, organizing committee of the festival and the Chapter President, Collins Izuchukwu Igboji who praised the commitment of the participating African countries in making this event happen. He also reiterated the importance of this celebration by reminding everyone how Africa was divided into several portion in the Berlin conference which ushered in the nasty years of colonialism. He ended by saying that today again, in a strategic location few kilometers from Berlin; Africans are united again through this festival. major highlights of this session includes spectacular stage performances from Nigeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, a quiz competition about Africa where more than 15 people carted away prizes and finally a fashion show and brief presentation by participating countries. In total, nine African countries participated in this event which include; Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia and Ethiopia. External dignitaries present at the event include the Mayor of Cottbus who was represented by the integration officer of the city, the editor in-chief of Acclaim Magazine, Mr Olumide Ogunlade and the CEO of inspiration plus art gallery,  Zeineb Noureddine . The night ended with an after-party and the event club located few miles from the campus. Below are pictures from the event.