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  • Welcome to the official website of Nigerian Students in Germany (NiSIG e.V)

President’s welcome address

The president and the entire executives of the Nigerian Scholars in Germany (NiSIG) feel highly honoured and delighted to welcome you all to this noble body.

NiSIG, a non-profit and non-political organization founded in Hannover in 2013, was born following the increasing numbers of Nigerian Scholars and the need to form a common course for our welfare and success in our scholastic sojourn here. Additionally, to create the pedestal that will help facilitate our contributions to the growth and development of our country Nigeria, as well as Germany.

One of our goals is to help and assist incoming scholars to properly acclimatize and integrate with ease into their newly found German Society. Towards meeting our aims and objectives, we shall also from time to time where necessary, engage with relevant independent organizations.

Furthermore, we shall be organizing in the future, series of events that will foster the continuous growth of this noble association. Your idea and support is very valuable to us and we welcome you to join us in making a difference and be part of something worthwhile.

Thank you

Nwamaka Elema

The Nigerian Scholars in Germany (NiSIG) is a scholar led body that provides an enabling and conducive platform for its members at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level to connect with one another, exchange ideas and views on matters that concerns the interest of its members while also identifying and harnessing (Nigerian) talents for the betterment of Nigeria, its host country (Germany) and the world. We seek to promote creativity, innovation and unity amongst scholars through academic webinars, seminars and workshop, social events and other related activities. We also promote the rich cultural heritage of our beloved country Nigeria in Germany and other parts of the world.
Our mission is to serve as a channel for the application of unique talent, experience and professionalism that will lead to academic, social and economic development and opportunities in Germany and Nigeria. To strengthen academic and technological co-operation between Germany and Nigeria. To disseminate accurate information and addressing issues that concerns the interest of Nigerian scholars. NiSIG advocates for excellence by encouraging commitment to high intellectual standards, individual and institutional candour and good governance. We want to foster unity and amity amongst Nigerian scholars in Germany. Representing and serving as a mouthpiece for Nigerian scholars at the international level is what we aim for at all times.
Networking: The easy and best way to network with scholars who have similar interests for joining and those that have had the experience of what it’s like. Professional Experience: Another important reason to consider membership to NiSIG is to take advantage of your career resources. NiSIG usually invite alumni and ask them to share their experiences with you. Broaden your knowledge: NiSIG provide an enormous amount of access to resource information. NiSIG will assist you to learn more and stay informed about issues in diversity. An inestimable opportunity to network with other distinguished scholars. To grow professionally in any chosen field of yours with the assistance of scholars in that same field.

Meet the NISIG team

Nwamaka elema is a master's graduate in international relations and cultural diplomacy from the Hochschulefurtwangen University 2020. She is also a legal practitioner in Nigeria, she obtained her law degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 2013.she was vice president to the students council in Lagos campus law school in 2014/2015, vice-president of NISIG 2020/2021. She is a member of NISIG legal practitioners group. She believes in a world where there is no discrimination of any kind, where everyone's beauty is celebrated. Where hunger and deprivation is at an all-time low. She hopes to be used as an instrument of the almighty to be able to create that world.
Vice President
Chidinma Egwu is from Anambra state, Nigeria and she holds a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural and Bio-resources Engineering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She is a graduate of the Hamburg University of Technology (MSc Environmental Engineering) and is an MBA candidate In Technology management at the Northern Institute of Technology Management. Chidinma has a strong background in engineering and keen interest in it management, sustainability and fuzzy topics of innovation. Having previously worked in various roles such as marketing communication, quality control and customer relations, she brings a wide range of skills and competencies to the organisation. Leadership roles as well as volunteering in projects does not come as a surprise to her. Through the years, she has been actively engaged in the African student’s organisation at the TU-Hamburg (ASTO). She is also involved with the Enactus e.V Hamburg in the innovation and marketing cohort, where she develops dynamic ways of tackling challenges while keeping in mind the core values of sustainability. She is a fun-loving person and likes cooking. In her free time, she listens to music and organises events, which bring people together. She is passionate about addressing the issues associated with the girl child and poverty all over the world.
General Secretary
Orenaike oluwatosin John graduated from the department of geography in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, Osun state, Nigeria. He completed his master’s degree in environmental risk and human security from United Nations University in Bonn, Germany. He served as the vice coordinator for North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) chapter in 2018/2019 and he currently works and lives in the same chapter. Tosin is also gifted in graphics design, an activity he freelances with for organizations here in Germany. More so he loves playing and watching football. He also loves good books, especially self-development and African fiction.
Hakeem Usman hails from Ondo state, Nigeria. He bagged his bachelor degree in philosophy from obafemi Awolowo University. He is currently studying M.A. international security management at hwr berlin. He is known for his industrious, ambitious & audacious nature, often taking on tasks that appear impossible but has always come out on top by defying the odds. Hakeem was the P.R.O of national association of philosophy students (naps) O.A.U Ife in 2012/2013 where he got an award as best executive of the year for his remarkable and outstanding performance throughout his tenure. His interests are electric vehicle, tvs, fintech, counterterrorism/security management, leadership & self-development books, real estates and video games.
Director of Socials
Theresa Adebisi, a creative Lady who has devoted a significant part of her life to learning and creating ideas on social media. She graduated from the University of Lagos with BSc. In mass communication and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in digital media and society at the University of Bremen in digital media and society. For the love of media, she started her YouTube channel where she prepares contents, shoot and edits her videos and designs the thumbnails for the channel. Her exposure level to the social media has allowed her to build her creativity and has given her the platform manage social gatherings both online and offline. She aspires to become a digital media professional and an outstanding event planner. Her hobbies are dancing, singing and creating contents (shooting videos, editing and photography), she gets her inspiration from music and messages. Chelsea fan to the core
Ukeme Bassey hails from Akwa Ibom state South part of Nigeria. He attended university of Uyo where he bagged a degree in electrical/electronic engineering. He was also involved in student union politics where he served as the director of socials both in the faculty level and the SUG. He is currently studying for master’s degree in renewable energy management at university of applied sciences, Cologne. Ukgreat as he is known is an ambitious young man, goal-driven, industrious & strives for greatness. As a budding cinematographer & an art-loving person, during his free time he enjoys travelling, creating films, cooking and listening to music. He was the president of NISIG NRW chapter in 2020-2021and currently runs a sickle cell foundation in Nigeria.


Desmond Arinze
PhD student, TU-Freiberg
I pleaded for accommodation assistance from wonderful Nigerians in this forum. I am happy and honored to testify that this group rocks. Through people like Ola Dunni and Adeniji Olasunkanmi Milanista, I felt the spirit of brotherly love that we all need to move our country and the whole world to the next level.
Tobi Akinyemi
Masters student, BTU Cottbus
Movement from the airport to the school on arrival in Germany and where to sleep on the first day was very easy thanks to Oreoluwa Afolayan through NiSIG Cottbus who arranged for my pick up, accommodation and catered for me. NiSIG is truly a good umbrella to bring everyone together and foster unity.
Lotana J. Nwosu
Masters student Universität Bonn
Back in 2015 one of my best friends left Nigeria for Germany. We both started the application process but she saw it to the end. Months down the line she wasn't 'fresh off the boat' anymore. Abiton advised me to come and study in Germany, - "it's an experience " she told me. I sent out my applications and ...
  • Life in Germany
    Germany is a place where a lot of people would like to stay because everything is well organized; excellent health care system, efficient security system, good roads and transportation network, clean and tidy living environment, abundant culture and leisure activities throughout the year. Germany is a country that welcomes foreigners and then practically helps them integrate into the society through social support systems. Life in Germany can be very interesting; however, there may still be some challenges of which the language is a major one. Staying in German may thus require some adjustment, especially if you come from a country that’s more laid-back or even cheerfully chaotic. Nevertheless, Germany can serve as a second home for you; it all depends on how you look at matters and your willingness to integrate. If the following characteristics like “Punctuality, Orderliness and Straightforwardness are of most importance to you, then life in Germany will be a delightful experience for you and a nice place to stay. Bureaucracy is a central aspect in the German society as they believe more in evidence than just words. This could be considered good on one hand especially in the business concern and unpleasant on the other hand, as your shelf would be filled up with papers (letters). Generally, an efficiently run and economically stable country is what everybody wants and that you can find in Germany and also get a lot of social help from the government. Life in Germany is beautiful.
  • Where can I learn German?
    • You can learn German by attending German language school in Nigeria at Goethe Institute before coming. More information can be obtained from http://www.goethe.de/ins/ng/lag/enindex.htm. Goethe institute is the officially recognized German language institution and is located in Lagos state.
    • You can also learn German at any German University most of which offer intensive language classes for foreign students. Some offer this intensive language course for a reasonable fee. There are also free language courses (not intensive but twice a week language course) that the Universities also offer.
    • You can also go to the nearest bookshop and buy books and audiotape for German beginners so that you can start with the basics.
    Ways to improve your German
    • By watching movies in German language or movies that are subtitled in German language.
    • Watching German News and reading online Articles.
    • Reading poems and storybooks for kids
    • Finding a Tandem partner
    • The best way to learn the language would be to move to Germany and immerse yourself completely
  • Where and how can I learn German?
    First, it is important to note that no language is easy but if you are determined to learn any new language especially German, Yes you can! Interestingly after Russian, German is spoken more by people in Europe, which makes it essential for the sharing of knowledge. Learning German will not only help you to cope with everyday life it will also, quoting Hyde Flippo ‘’ Das Erlernen einer neuen Sprache ist das Erlernen einer neuen Denkweise’’ which simply means ‘’ learning a new language is learning to think in a new way’’ help you to think in a new way.
  • How to find accommodation in Germany
    Finding accommodation in Germany is not a difficult but it is better to start looking for accommodation as early as possible before you arrive Germany and this you can do easily via Internet anywhere you are. However, the cost of accommodation makes up a large part of your expenses greatly depends on the size of the room or apartment and it varies from city to city. In most Institutions, an organization called (das Studentenwerk) provides social, financial and cultural support services to students. This organization also runs some accommodation facilities and can help you in searching for accommodation, in case you haven't found one. A temporary arrangement for accommodation can be made for you in a student or Youth Hostel where you can stay until you can find a suitable accommodation. This option might be a little expensive. Please not that the cheapest rooms and apartments are mostly found in student residences. Another alternative for you to find accommodation is by living a shared apartment (Wohngemeinschaft, WG). It is the most popular form of accommodation amongst students. This is usually run and administered by the tenants. All tenants share a common kitchen and bathroom as well as the rent. If you would prefer to live on your own, you might start with a small apartment. There are a lot of vacancies on the Internet and in the local newspapers. Some apartments may either be furnished or unfurnished and this also affects the cost. Here are some helpful websites for student hostels: www.wg-gesucht.de www.studenten-wg.de www.studentenwohnung.de www.zwischenmiete.de  
  • University Ranking in Germany
    Germany is known for quality and this holds true especially in the field of education. The quality and standard of education in all the Universities in Germany is high and thus, they are highly rated and well recognized worldwide. Most of the Universities or colleges are well funded. Education, Science & Research has been playing a key role in the advancement and development of the German society. To name a few inventions - Aspirin, Phenol, MP3, Diesel Engine, Tachometer, Electromagnetic radiation, Gauss, Hertz, Ohm, Roentgen, X-ray Crystallography, Automobile, Zeppelin all come from Germany. Time is testimony of the fact that Germany has produced 103 Noble laureates. The University system is very well structured in such a way that it guarantees practical knowledge in addition to solid theoretical foundation. Be rest assured that studying in Germany would be a worthwhile experience.
  • Working & Studying in Germany

    a.  Am I allowed to work while studying in Germany?

    • Yes - as a full time student, you are allowed to work part-time for 120 days (240 half days) in a year.
    • A working permit is included in the first residence permit received in Germany (on the expiration of your visa from Nigeria).
    b. How can I find a student part-time job?
    • There are a lot of student job vacancies during semester and holiday periods posted on Universities' publishing boards on campus.
    • Other good sources are regional job portals, newspapers and magazines.
      c.  Must I hold a good command of German Language in order to have for a part time job?
    • This depends on the nature of the job in question. However you stand a better chance if you understand and speak the language.
      d.  Where can I get help or assistance when looking for internships and professional Jobs?
    • All universities in Germany have an international office, where support and assistance of all kind are rendered to international students.
    • Most universities have career services / career centers to advice and guide students in their chosen field.
    • The student union (Studentenwerk) in your city is also a good source for help.
    • The “Bundesagentur für Arbeit’’ is also another option to finding a job.  They have their offices located in every city in Germany.
  • Application for scholarship/funding
    There are several organizations in Germany that offer scholarships to students within and outside Germany. There is however, no general that strictly applies to all these organizations. The criteria are set by the respective organizations. We advise that you look through their websites for further information regarding application procedure and deadlines. Below is a link that offers scholarships to students from bachelor up to PhD level. www.funding-guide.de
You can find further frequently asked questions here ...

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